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First Time Around The Sun!!

Today JJ turned one!!! We kept it simple and celebrated as a family this morning in the backyard with cake and cupcakes from Totty's Bakery :-)

He's not your face in the cake, icing everywhere kind of baby! lol! At first he didn't know what to do and then was worried about the bit of icing that was on his hand. We finally got him to loosen up a little and take a few bites of his cake!

He's such a happy baby. :-) I'm linking everything from his highchair to the balloon garland I used at the bottom of this post in case there were any "where'd you get that?" questions!

If you're looking for some cute personalized gifts for a baby birthday or shower, Etsy is always my go-to! Here's the link to this personalized name puzzle I got Jaden: LINKED HERE. He loved it and of course threw all the pieces everywhere! :-)

Another great small gift was this mini workbench. It's super small but not so small that there are pieces he could choke on. LINKED HERE

Kasen got him an ice cream cone and that was definitely a BIG HIT! :-D After having cake the ice cream had him tuckered out! lol! He was ready for his morning nap.

I found this KidsCraft playhouse used on Facebook Marketplace a couple weeks ago and decided to paint it and give it a nice makeover for his "big gift"! Here's a link to a similar KidsCraft playhouse: LINKED HERE It needed a lot of work but.....

It was worth it!!! With some nice outdoor white paint and black spray paint for the windows and roof, it looked brand new for JJ's birthday!!! We stocked it up with all the cooking goodies and ice cream parlor, as well as some waterproof storage bins to organize everything in. Here are all the links:

Happy Birthday JJ!!! :-)

All the party decorations linked below:

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