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Exploring Roma

When in Rome see ALL the things!!!!! We saw everything we could in 3 days before heading to southern Italy!

Keeping it real - a good 80% of the time were moments like this, navigating the streets with a double stroller.

These boys loved Italy! I didn't realize how much until we got home and they keep talking about it. :-)

This day in particular it was raining a little so they slipped on these panchos grandma brought. They looked so whimsical running around!

One morning we toured the Vatican and Sistine Chapel and there are literally no words! You have to be there and see it with your own eyes. Pictures don't do it justice so I'm only posting two.

This is just one of MANY incredible painted ceilings. It's so much more than just painting though, the carvings, gold, detail work... my neck started getting sore from looking up so much because you can just stare at one ceiling for 10 minutes straight!!! Lol!!

On Day 2 we went to see the Colluseum and the prison where the apostle Paul and Peter were held.

These boys had so much fun exploring the city... obviously! :-)

Posing for a "dad & mom" picture usually involves a baby photobombing somewhere!!! :-D Look at that little face!!! I'm going to bet he was crying "daaaddyyyyyy!!!" ;-)

The prison cell where the apostle Paul wrote the books of Ephesians, Philippians, Collasians and Philemon. Is this not the most humbling view ever?

Standing here looking at the one rock sticking out from the side of the prison wall, I could see him in my minds eye sitting on the floor, pen in hand, with paper on that rock - writing and praying. Tears welled up in my eyes. There's no light aside from the light coming through the grate where water ran down when it rained.

This will be forever ingrained in my mind when I read those scriptures. The joy of the Lord truly was his strength.

Look at that precious face with milk on his little cheeks! :-) We ended up being in Rome on Easter Sunday so while all the crowds were going to The Vatican to see the Pope, we got the city all to ourselves!! :-D Not actually, but it was less crowded for sure!! ;-)

We quickly learned in Italy not to drive in the city. We parked our car at a tram station and would take the tram into the city and either walk or take taxis after that.

Our first Easter Sunday stop was the Trevi Fountain! We took our family Easter photo and made wishes/tossed coins in! :-)

Look at the handsomeness

The boys stopped for some gelato right by the fountain. They were LOVING the whole gelato everyday experience!

Then we were off to the Spanish Steps! This photo pretty much sums up these two on vacation!

Instagram.... vs.....


What happens after giving the boys gelato!

Well, clearly Grandma had gelato too!!

My Lydia girl!! Love my little sis!!

Had to get one of just mom and her girls ;-)

Well there we have it!!! After this we were off to the Amalfi Coast for 5 days to finish out our vacation, so I'll post that next!!

Thanks for reading!!



Photography by Bethany Davis

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