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Hey there, welcome to my blog! :-) 


A little about me, I'm a singer/songwriter & designer! I started playing music when I was 5, sewing when I was about 9 and never stopped either one. With music it was piano first, then harp, then songwriting and singing at churches and events which turned into 130 performances a year by the time I was 16.


I moved to Nashville in 2008 to pursue my music career, started artist development and signed with a talent agency for acting in music videos and commercials. Before moving to Nashville I had released a couple albums and sold a couple thousand CD's but after moving I quickly discovered that things were different in music city and sewing and design would become the "bread & butter" while pursuing my music career.


Marriage wasn't on the agenda but when Superman swooped in with his red cape, I just couldn't resist! :-D Our love story is a lot like those stories you read about in books. We were childhood friends and first met when I was 5.

Flash forward, we married, I continued my sewing business (Lace Garden Interiors), recorded a Christmas CD, had 2 handsome boys (Kasen and Bryce) and then 8 months after having Bryce I was crowned Mrs. Tennessee International 2016 and went on to compete internationally! After making it to the top 10 finalists at the international pageant, I came back to Nashville and ate a cheeseburger! HA! ;-)

That next summer (2017) we purchased our FIRST HOME - a little fixer upper outside of Nashville and started remodeling it one room at a time.

After a 5 year hiatus I was SO ready to get back in the studio, so when an old friend offered to co-produce a new record with me, I said YAAASSS! We released my first Christian EP entitled, "Breathe On Me" in 2019! My husband started his own company at the very same time so now we're both "self-employed" which is a whole new experience all it's own!!


Thanks so much for following my journey! :-) I really do appreciate every time you read the blogs, comment or message me. I cherish every friendship and connection I make here and hope that my story blesses you somehow too!



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