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Fall Break 2021

Sunrises on the beach!! That was one of the big highlights from our time In Cape Cod. Cool, crisp mornings on the beach 🤗

The boys couldn’t help themselves - they wanted to play in the water so bad the first morning we went out so we let them go down to their boxers for a little splash lol!

Other mornings they just went ahead and got their pants wet and we did lots of laundry. Lol

Gramma was the whole reason we came out to MA! She had it all setup for us to have a fun family vacay together at a waterfront cottage.

We usually go south to Florida or a warm beach but God knew this was just what we needed! So different, relaxing and just lots of fun.

Muahhhhh love this guy so much!!

This huge rock was walking distance from the cottage we stayed at. Actually you could see it out the window. We climbed it just for a photo 🤣 and I was freaking out because it was pretty high!

Snuggles with Aunt Lydia 🤗

One day we drove up to Provincetown, MA for to explore. We thought it would be a quick trip but upon arriving, we loved the vibe so much we decided to stay and enjoy for a few hours!!

We enjoyed coffee at a local coffee shop, had lunch at the Lobster Pot and bought a ton of Cape Cod hoodies for the family!

Baby‘s first beach trip 💕

Bryce is like mommy, not a morning person!! 🤣 But he got out there to see the sunrise with us more than once and we both agree, it was totally worth it!!



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