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Back to School (a Month Late)

Well here we are, already a week into September, pumpkin everything everywhere and kids already are talking about Fall break!

This is the first year I didn’t get the boys to pose for an official “back to school photo” like everyone else in the globe so this will have to do. I kept seeing so many cute photos on my newsfeed and thinking, “aww I should do that too!”

Then baby Jaden needed a clean diaper and to be fed while one of the boys told me something that they learned at school and the other asked if I could make the cookies I’ve been wanting to make for three days but haven’t gotten to yet. :-D It’s been a whirlwind over here!!

The boys are in 1st and 2nd grades this year and I honestly can’t think about it too long or I get a little weepy! I love the little people they have become and am so proud of them. :-) It’s just hard to believe I’m the mom of a second grader!!

They both LOVE music. Surprise! :-) Kasen created a playlist of songs he listens to nearly everyday. They’re both learning to play piano and they just got a drum kit so I heard them down in their room the other night beating out the rhythm to “We Will Rock You” while it played on their TV.

Their sport is soccer but grandad introduced them to tennis this past weekend and we have a court just walking distance from our house so that might be something to try as a family soon!

Everyone knows that finding time to date each other with a newborn is a challenge! We try to carve out time here and there each week whether it’s going out for breakfast after we drop the boys off at school or bringing lunch to Brandon at a job site while Jaden sleeps in the jeep. Where there’s a will there’s a way! ;-)

I had a little scare one night when Jaden decided to go all out and give mommy a FULL night sleep! He went NINE HOURS!! :-o Trouble was, I couldn’t enjoy the gift he gave me because I kept waking up to check on him, googling “is it ok for my 2 month old to sleep 9 hours straight” and using the breast pump since he wasn’t eating! Lol! Turns out, that was just a special occasion and he’s gone back to waking up for a snack here and there.

Well, there you have it! I miss writing so much, so until I have more time to write songs the blog is my chance to splash some words on paper! It’s not much but it’s something. :-)

Love y’all and thanks for reading!



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