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Digital Photography Class Recap

I just finished my Digital Photography Foundations class at Watkins last night! It was a Watkins Community Education Class taught by Bethany Davis and boy, did I learn a TON!!

There's no way I can really describe what I learned, you would have to go take the class! lol! But I'll show you some photos I took as I was taking the class to give you an idea of some of the things I'm trying to put into practice.

I believe I took this photo during the 3rd week of class. It was right after she taught us about lighting and playing with natural light. We were walking in the park that we live by and the sun was going down. Perfect setting to practice shooting toward the light with the boys dancing around!

Love the way the light makes him glow and the slight lens flare - I know some people would edit that out but I'm a huge fan of lens flare :-) Honestly, I wish I had edited it a little differently. I may go back to the raw image and play with the edit again later but hey, it was my 3rd week of the course so still a lot to learn over here!

Here my goal was to photograph him from a different perspective than I normally would. I was literally laying on the ground underneath him as he was swinging here! lol!! Thankfully there weren't a lot of people at the park but even if there were, I love these different perspectives! It's totally worth embarrassing myself in front of other parents.

I have way more respect for photographers after taking this class!! The amount of energy and for me, love that goes into every photo is just immeasurable. There's some motion blur going on here - I haven't quite figured out my shutter speed for photos like this where they're moving so fast.

Another of Bryce - framing him with natural objects. Bethany had been teaching us to shoot through things as opposed to shooting straight on. Definitely makes it more interesting.

Adorable Mario and Luigi trunk or treating moment right before starting their trick or treating! I just love it because they had just crossed the street and were eyeing all the places they were going to ask for candy. Kasen put his hand on his hat just as I snapped and it made the moment perfect.

And finally a photo I took right around the 7-8th week of our class. The boys were painting pumpkins and having fun at a church function and this little creation almost seemed to come to life with every brush stroke! I was just watching him add the sunflowers and hoped to capture the sweet, goofy personality he was giving this pumpkin. :-)

If you have a camera but aren't sure how to use it (besides putting it on Auto lol!) sign up for the Spring semester! You can get 15% off the Spring class at Watkins with code: CESPRING20. Classes begin February 5, 2020 and seats are filling up fast so make sure to register soon! You can register by clicking here: Digital Photography Foundations at Watkins and make sure to use your discount code!

Thanks again for reading!


Deanna L

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