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A Playground Makeover

Well this summer kicked off with a big surprise in our backyard!! The boys came home from Bible School one evening to find a truck load of fun! :-)

Superman was on Facebook Marketplace one day when this $1,100 play set was listed for FREE - we just had to go pick it up! Actually we discovered there are a lot of playgrounds listed for free if you're willing to pick them up and fix them up a little.

We dropped the boys off at Bible School and my brother helped us take it apart and load it up. It was originally brown with the stain wearing off so I stained it with BEHR white tinted stain and the boys picked out a red paint (BEHR Moroccan Ruby CR-09B) for the door and roof :-) It cleaned up really nice!

We were in a hurry to get it all set up so I didn't stain the inside. The boys were SO eager to play on it and watching mommy paint and stain their big new toy to perfection was getting old quick! lol! I actually didn't even finish the second coat on the back, we just went ahead and called it so they could get busy.

Bryce has his ice cream parlor setup on the first level so if you're in the area and need some refreshment... Bryce is your man! He says he's "the cooker". ;-)

I have a feeling this is going to be a place where LOTS of great memories are made!


Deanna L

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