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Places - they're so much more than a geographical location. For each of us they tell a different story :-) This Valentines Day I surprised Superman a little early with a map of Dover, Delaware - the place we shared our first kiss!!

We first met as kids (I was 5) and went to the same church until my family moved to Kentucky when I was 12. In 2011 when Superman and I started dating, I was living in Nashville and he was going to school in Delaware. I surprised him that summer by flying in and showing up to his school to pick him up! I guess I should've expected that would win a first kiss! lol! ;-)

Just a couple days ago the map came in the mail! I couldn't wait till Valentines Day to show him so I quickly did some research and found the exact spot where his school was and marked it with a heart (in lipstick lol!) and then of course, put some lipstick on and kissed the map! :-D Because that's what you do when you get a map in the mail, right?! haha!

Where did your love story take place?? Share in the comments I would love to hear what places mean the most to you. You can design your own custom map at and shop everything else in the photo at the "Shop My Looks" tab on my website! :-)

Happy Valentines Day!!!!



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