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From a Tiny Closet to a Workspace

Finally my dream came to life with this tiny 2x5 closet! Last year when we bought our first home, we looked at it as a big project we were taking on. It was built in the 70's so that alone should tell you a lot about what kind of renovations we were looking at (and still are looking at!) The typical 70's closed off kitchen, old cabinets (see our cabinet makeover here), popcorn ceilings and teeny tiny closets!!

Even after our bedroom renovation (see it here) I didn't do my bedroom closet because it's going to be a part of our master bathroom reno. It's just so small we'll have to bust out walls, etc.

In this case though, I didn't really need a "closet" in the office!! I did what I always tend to do and I took the doors off to see how it felt with a board across as a desk. It was clear after a few weeks that it would only work if we added shelving and made it more functional.

I found an idea photo on Pinterest and showed it to Brandon. He's so good at taking my ideas and running with them so before I knew it he was measuring boards that we already had in the basement. He cut and designed everything and I sanded, painted and decorated - we make a pretty good team! ;-)

I started collecting decor items as soon as I got the idea for what I wanted to do. So when I link everything at the bottom of this post just know that I didn't run to 20 different stores one night! lol! Once I know what direction I'm going and choose a color scheme, I pick up a few things here and there when I'm out and it all comes together.

Brandon put the top shelf together one evening when I was playing harp for a wedding. :-) I remember coming home and he surprised me by having it all mounted on the wall, ready for me to paint!! (still need to touch up my hurried paint job :-/) I was so excited I think I spent the entire next day just painting everything so I could decorate!

Here is a very messy BEFORE photo of what the closet was like when we first moved in last year. We literally just moved in and hadn't even decided which room the office was going to be yet, so the boys toys and boxes of diapers were tossed in this closet. You can see it was very small! We ended up cutting the doorway taller to give a more open feel and make it look less like a spruced up closet and more like a built-in desk/shelf.

As you can see, we did hardwood flooring in the entire office which makes the room feel bigger. I'll be doing a full office reveal soon but decided to show you this space separately since it's a project all by itself.

The decor items are all linked below except for the chair and bench cushions, which I custom made. A lot of the items are on sale now - so I'm super jealous :-P Seriously though, the pillows are on sale, the vase my flowers are in and even the "Happy Girls" picture is on sale!

Hope this helps inspire you if you have a small space that you're not sure what to do with!! :-) I was shocked how much of the wood we already had in our basement! Sometimes these projects don't take a lot of money, just concentrated time and effort.

Thanks for reading!!


Deanna L

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