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Choosing Moments over the Madness

This just melts a mamas heart ❤️ my favorite photo of the year! So often these moments come, go and they're only captured in our hearts, we don't always get a photo to frame.

We put in so many hours, days, weeks and it all gets so jumbled together it's difficult to separate the moments from the everyday madness!

The reality is, there is so much magic happening around us. Whether we choose to see it or not is up to us - but it's always there!

The pictures don't show you the crazy so let me tell you!! :-P When Bryce and Kasen weren't wandering toward the street, they were getting too close to the lake! I sounded like that overbearing mom, "away from the road!!" "Back up Bryce, step back from the water!!" "Guys come here! Stand by this tree!!"

Anyone with more than one kid knows the pure fear that runs through your bones when they run opposite directions! (Ughh I hate that feeling) If I'm not careful all I feel in those times is stress stress stress!! I see the sweet moments happening but the stress of just being mom takes over and let's be honest, that's why they're still alive today.

But sometimes, we need to remind ourselves to tune out the chaos and breathe in the moment. That's exactly what happened when I took out Bryce's passy and asked for a kiss. ;-) Priceless!!

What are some of the magical moments in your life that get lost sometimes? Please share them or write them down for yourself so you remember all the goodness that's happening in your world everyday!!

Thanks for reading!



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