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Labor Day Weekend

This past weekend we hit the road with both boys and took the 7.5 hour drive to palm trees, flour-like sand and beach waves!! 

We made a pit stop at Bojangles on the way down because that's the boys favorite place to eat. You should've seen their faces, full of excitement and energy as they got their plates!! The manager even came over and gifted them with dessert afterwards!! :-) 

We stayed at a hotel the first night, which was easiest and best with the kids. We all woke up to a hot breakfast and hit the beach right away! 

The boys loved it!!! This was the first time Bryce was old enough to really enjoy the water at the beach. The waves at Panama City beach were perfect for them. Brandon would've enjoyed bigger waves, more like what we had in Mexico but I prefer the gentle waves! :-)

We all had a blast AND the boys loved staying with Grandpa Miller and Grandma Cora for the remainder of the trip!! (Thank you both for a wonderful time!) They have dogs and the boys want a dog soooo bad!! So living in the same house with a dog for three days was heaven!! 

Lots and lots of kisses were exchanged :-)

...and hugs.

Karaoke night with the family, Sunday church and lunch with Grandma Cora's beautiful daughter Erin and her husband and ended with a feast fit for a king at Erin's house. (Thanks Erin, we're still daydreaming about all the deliciousness!)

So grateful for a weekend away to refresh and rejuvenate!! 

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