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Summer White

I love a good white dress, especially for hot summer lunch dates or in this case, an evening out for BBQ! :-D 

Now don't laugh too hard about the white dress for BBQ - I just realized the only reason I got away with that was because we didn't have the kids with us. Lol!! Believe me I would've had BBQ sauce all over the place otherwise!

Can you believe Summer is already almost over?! Im trying to enjoy these final chances to wear all the cute summer stuff AND planning how I'm going to pair my summer outfits with transitional pieces so I can wear them into the Fall season!

We still have a couple months where we can throw on a cardigan and call it done, right?! 😉 Or the sweaters with cutoffs - that's a personal favorite of mine during the Fall season. Shorts with big chunky sweaters! 🙌🏼

What are some of your favorite Fall outfits??

Share in the comments!

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