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Life Outside Our Screens

Today this quote popped up at the perfect time as I was thinking of a title for my post: "Life is happening right now, outside your screens" I'm so guilty of getting lost in whatever is happening in the screen that I miss what's going on right in front of me and all around me!

It doesn't even have to be a screen though, we can be thinking of all the things we have to do tomorrow or dwelling on what has happened in the past that we miss out on right now.

There are so many little miracles, so many God moments in our everyday life and I want to encourage you as I remind myself today to be present and breathe in the life that's happening outside of our screens.

So here are a few things I do to help me be fully present.

1. Put Away My Phone - not just in my pocket because if I get a text or a call, there I go again! I try to put it away somewhere so it won't distract me. Now sometimes I do this and am taking in the moment with the kids but they do something hilarious and I just HAVE to capture it - so photos or videos are an exception but then it goes back away.

2. Smile - even if you don't feel like it. Fool your body into believing that you're happy because attitude is a choice we make everyday. Choose gratitude and joy! I have declaration I wrote to say over my day everyday and one of the things is that "today I CHOOSE gratitude and joy!"

3. Take a Deep Breath - fully soak in the moment. Breathe in the sights, sounds, emotions, embrace it all. Sometimes a warm cup of hot chocolate or coffee with a moment of prayer can help trigger this!

4. Train Your Brain. Don't allow thoughts about yesterday to creep in and steal today! Just the same, don't let worries or stress about tomorrow steal today. Train yourself to focus on now. Sometimes setting a timer can help with this!

5. Get outside! Walking, hiking, playground, biking, whatever works for you but being outside and getting fresh air and getting my heart rate up a little always helps me focus better!

And this last photo is Kasen hearing the sirens and looking for the fire trucks!! Honestly, this whole post is just me trying to be more like them. They're so in tune to life outside the screens and I don't want them to grow up and lose that.

Time to grab that coffee and get outside!!! :-D


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