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What is a Siren head?

Ask little Bryce and he’ll tell you! Lol! Apparently it’s something that appears in Minecraft on occasion? For his 6th birthday he asked for a Siren head cake/party theme.

He has always been my easy one to do parties for - the paw patrol… Spider-Man… Ironman… easy peasy. This year he threw me for a loop!

I found someone to make him a siren head cake and hit Amazon for everything else lol! One of my girlfriends has a son who also happens to be crazy about siren head!! She had an extra costume and dropped it off for Bryce - that made his WEEK!!! 🤗

We rented a waterslide and they basically lived in their swimming trunks all day and wore themselves out! 🙌🏼

So grateful for the 6 years we’ve had with this guy!! He’s such a joy 💕



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