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Well This Explains Everything…

The title says it all! 😉 That fairytale kiss and we’ve got another baby boy on the way!

Love him so much 💕

I’m already in the third trimester, so we’re in the final stretch! We’re excited to have a Fall baby since we’re all Spring & Summer birthdays! 🤗 🍂

We went to a beautiful horse farm in Hendersonville for our maternity shoot. I wanted to do something fun that the whole family would enjoy.

My goodness, I still can’t believe there’s going to be four of these handsome little men in my life!! 🥺🥰

They all enjoyed the horses so much 🤗

Every pregnancy my bump feels huge and I can’t imagine how there’s anymore room for baby to grow but I have to remind myself, “this is what you thought last time too!” 🤣

We’re so blessed and finally feel our family is complete! ☺️ That’s such a great feeling!

Photography by: Bethany Davis

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