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Third Trimester Here we Come!

Here we are, at the third trimester!! I knew it would go fast. All 2021 so far I've been trying to really push and get home updates done so we can get his room ready! I think in the past, that last month of pregnancy always snuck up on me so I'm trying to avoid that.

This time around, my main wish is that I don't have to be induced! With Kasen, I was almost 41 weeks and at home when my water broke. No one was around so I drove myself to the midwife and they made sure everything was ok and sent me home to wait for contractions to start.

I remember driving home feeling so confused! All the stories I heard, your water breaks and bam, you're rushing to the hospital having a baby! Here I was, first baby, water breaks and everyone's like, "nope, you're good, go back home and give it 24 hours". Little did I know it would be around 42 hours after my water broke before I had Kasen in my arms!! My body was definitely having contractions but they weren't regular or close enough together so after 24 hours they had me come to the hospital and ended up inducing labor.

Second time around I was 41 weeks and having contractions all night but still, not regular enough or strong enough to make it happen! They ended up having me come in, they broke my water and decided we needed to induce labor this time too.

The feeling of induced labor versus regular labor is just on a whole different level! :-/ Thankfully I did have an epidural before they started the induction each time, but even with that I could feel a huge difference compared to natural contractions. This is another reason why I would love to avoid inducing this time around.

I guess my body just likes to hang onto babies! lol!! Really praying that things move a little faster this time! Always so jealous of the mamas who have their baby in 4 hours, 2 weeks early!! haha!! Geez how nice that would be!

As far as clothing goes, it's either super stretchy, extra baggy or just not happening at all. :-) I have so many pretty spring dresses that had to sit it out this year. Trying to avoid buying "maternity" clothes but I did cave and get a pair of maternity shorts because there's just no way to really make normal shorts work! Believe me, I've tried! lol!

The boys are getting a brand new room in the next couple weeks so they're PUMPED!! We have a big unfinished basement that opens to the backyard so we took about half of the basement area and are finishing it out for them. We installed the flooring and this week our electrician and HVAC friends are coming out to get all the wiring and vents run.

Next week a brick mason is coming to cut the brick so they'll have a nice BIG window looking out at their playground. :-) Then it's drywall, trim and paint! Each week as more of their room decor comes in the mail they help me put it together, so they're getting more and more excited as it all comes together.

Then it will be time to transform their old room into a nursery! Yayyy!!!



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