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The Nursery

Putting together Jaden’s nursery was so fun! I thought I’d share it with you now that things have settled a bit!

When I was thinking of a theme for his room I kinda wanted to bring our peaceful back woods area indoors. We had a lot of deer wandering through the woods around the time I found out we were expecting so I just took it as a sign.

Anything leaves, trees, fawns and natural wood were pretty much all I searched for during my pregnancy.

I have to admit, it’s the most relaxing room in our house right now with all the soft greens. Brandon comes in here a lot for his quiet time now lol!!

He loves his little boppy/play area. He’s just starting to learn how to knock the toys and make noise! :-)

I setup this little reading corner for the boys after realizing how much they love reading to Jaden! The very first day we brought him home Bryce stood by the rocking chair as I nursed and read Jaden a new book he bought with Miss Courtney! :-) It was the sweetest thing ever!!

Now they’re all set up to snuggle in the corner for story time.

I love when you spend so much time creating a space like this and then watching all the moments happen and memories that are made with that space as the backdrop. :-) Makes it way more special than just decorating a room.

Anyhoo… Thanks for reading! I better get some sleep before the sugar bean wakes up to eat!!! lol!



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1 Comment

Shirley Wilson
Shirley Wilson
Feb 01, 2022

Beautiful family photos. I enjoyed seeing them.

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