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Soccer Season!!

This year is the first year the boys have been involved in a team sport! We were planning to last year but the pandemic put a wrench in that, so they took swim lessons instead.

They're really enjoying the practices and games so much - even on their days "off" (which is usually only once a week) they still practice in the front yard with their goal.

It's been a fun season for us too! Seems the back of the Jeep has turned into a soccer dad/mom station with drinks, snacks and folding chairs. :-)

This past weekend they had photos with their team and two games each.

Kasen's team is the 7-8 group and Bryce's is 5-6. I tried so hard to get them on the same team but they couldn't do it because of where their birthdays land. In the Fall when Bryce is 6 and Kasen is still 7, they'll be allowed on the same team so we're definitely looking forward to that!

Game face 100%! I even asked him to smile and he gave me a cheesy grin and then went back to his game face. :-)

He's doing great on his team! I feel like after this season he'll be totally ready to be on the big kid team with Kasen.

Here's to just a couple more weeks of soccer!!



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