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One Month Old

One month has gone by so fast! Just 2-1/2 weeks postpartum I was feeling almost 100% going to church again, the grocery store, doing most of my normal activities when all of a sudden my kidneys started hurting. I didn’t think anything of it but the next day I was having terrible stomach pain.

After just having a baby and finally feeling normal, the thought of going back to the hospital wasn’t something I wanted so I tried to ignore it for another day when the fever hit! Ugh… not fun! Sometimes us Mama’s can be so stubborn! lol!

Finally the next morning I went in and discovered I had Pyelonephritis (kidney infection) and had to be treated at the hospital. Just lovely! It took a few days to start feeling normal again but thank God, within the week I was back at it!

Tomorrow marks week 5 for baby Jaden and we’re so in love! Most nights the boys pray that he’ll grow fast and learn to crawl and walk so they can play with him, while I pray that the Lord will stretch the moments we’ll just embrace now. ☺️

They laugh at how Jaden just stares at them and I’m always saying, “he’s learning from you!!” They just started school and piano lessons again last week and then Fall soccer started this week so their little schedules are filling up fast!

So blessed and grateful especially for health!! 💕



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