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New Boys Room!

We finally put the finishing touches on the boys room and they moved all their stuff in today! 🙌🏼 This has been such an intense project because we finished out half of our basement to be able to do this room.

I remembered to snap a “before” photo after I laid the tile floor over the concrete. As you can see we raised ceilings, installed drywall, had someone come cut the window bigger in the brick so they’d have a full size window.

Brandon also framed out a nice 7’x7’closet for them so they had a separate place for their dressers and toys. 🪟

I designed this room in my head months ago. Actually, I had already ordered their beds, bedding, leather poufs, rug, etc. and had it all sitting in my office waiting for this day! 🤣 So I’m really happy to be getting my office back lol!!

I ended up making the wood art above their beds myself because it needed to be a certain size to cover the breaker box. I took inspiration from an artist in Nashville but let’s just say mine is nothing compared to what those REAL artisans can do!

I love what Kasen said when he came downstairs to see the updates we had done. He said, “Wow!!! I love it! Look at the DETAILS!!” 🤣🤣 I think my 7 year old has been listening to mommy’s interior decorating shows! Lol!!

They’re so excited to be spending their first night in their new room tonight and Superman and I are just as excited to be DONE! 🤣🙌🏼



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