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It’s a....?

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Today we found out the gender of our baby on the way!! Yes, we’re expecting baby #3 in 2021!! ;-) Bet ya didn’t see that coming!

The boys had been asking for a baby brother or sister last year so we all joined in on the prayers and here we are! Check out our list of guesses before we knew. :-) Sweet Bryce was all alone in his guess and he was not swayed by our predictions one bit! This morning on the way to school he said "I KNOW it's a girl!! It has to be a girl because there's only 1 girl in our house and 3 boys!" :-D

IT'S A BOY!! Just look a Bryce's face!!! :-o

BIG thanks to my girlfriend Courtney for putting all this together for us!! She knew the results for 4 full days before today and kept is all a secret even though we spoke on the phone a couple times!! I'm terrible at keeping secrets so that just amazes me lol!!

It took Bryce a second to process what just happened but he started smiling again! :-) In case there was any question, I'm a boy mom for SURE now!!

This pregnancy has been a little different than my other two. I'd never had real morning sickness with my other two, just a little nausea with strong smells like coffee. This time it's been a little more and actually getting sick on occasion so that's been real but thankfully it hasn't been everyday and sometimes I can catch it before it gets rough.

Now we're onto partying and picking names!!

Bryce's last attempt at a pink balloon!! lol!!

Last New Years photo as a family of 4!! :-) Hello 2021



Photography by: Matt White

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