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Florence- Italia

The morning of my birthday we woke up early and took a plunge in the Saturnia Hot Springs.

It was pretty magical in the water!! Getting out in the cool morning air was another story!! lol

Our next stop was Michaelangelo's David in Florence. We had some challenges getting there with JJ teething and being a little extra, but that didn't stop us!

Incredible work of art that really can only be fully appreciated in person. The boys are officially educated on Renaissance art! Lol!

The next day we got to experience the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. The most beautiful building I've ever seen!!!

I could just walk around the entire building admiring every detail! There wasn't a corner that didn't have some carving or artistic piece on it... every inch of that place was beautiful.

The interior was understated with all of the focus on the dome. Stunning!!!

Photos by Bethany Davis ❤️

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