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Easter 2021 + birthdays

Easter family photo 2021 :-) Unlike last year where everyone had to stay home, this year we actually got to go to church!!

My handsome guys <3 Brandon's birthday often gets lost in the shuffle so I have to mention here that we DID celebrate! I'm always planning Kasen's and busy decorating, taking photos, etc. and then Brandon's is the very next day! So I put the camera down and just enjoy doing whatever he wants to do. This year he wanted to go downtown, so we took the boys to play at the drop-in daycare and walked around a little. We ran into a new little taco shop and stopped for some yummy tacos.

These boys are losing teeth like crazy!! So Bryce hasn't lost his tooth yet, but it's VERY loose!! Kasen on the other hand, has lose THREE teeth in the past week! He's been keeping the tooth fairy so busy that she forgot to come one night!! lol!

So blessed this Easter!!

Birthday photo <3 Feels like I've always been an Easter babe. It's been the day after Easter a couple times and landed on Easter a few years ago so that fact that it was the day after again was no surprise :-) Might as well just pile ALL our celebrations into a couple weeks!

A sweet surprise was getting to grab lunch with two of my fav people at Chef's Market!! ;-) The day was relaxing - my sister, Lydia came to town to visit and keep the boys so Brandon and I could go to dinner. <3 We all went to Bryce's soccer practice and then Superman and I headed to Chop House to top off the evening!

32 years wise!



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