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Cancun & Tulum

They say to try and get your "baby-moon" in sometime during the second trimester so we scheduled our trip to Cancun & Tulum for January! Our last BIG vacation as a family of four before the baby comes. ;-)

It was a little challenge traveling internationally during a pandemic - but honestly, there has been enough time for everyone to adjust and take the necessary precautions so it was as safe as could be. Out of 6 flights (including our short trip to Miami right before we left) we only sat next to one person. The boys attend school in person so they're already used to wearing a mask in class all day and there is hand sanitizer literally everywhere now.

When we arrived in Cancun the cleaning and sanitizing was a tad overwhelming!! lol! I mean, we appreciated it but they went above and beyond to make sure everything is clean - WAYYY more than folks are in the U.S.!

From washing down our suitcases, handrails, elevators and walls to having us wash our hands and shoes before walking in anywhere let's just say a germ wouldn't last longer than a minute in that resort! The law changed while we were gone so COVID tests were required to fly back to the states. Our resort responded so quickly and within days their medical staff was providing free tests for everyone.

The boys tan SO easily so within a couple days they were already looking like a couple of beach bums.

We had the chance to visit Tulum and went to see the Mayan ruins. It was so beautiful there and we fell in love with the Tulum vibe - we actually had a minute for some shopping and found an adorable macramé hanging bassinet for the baby!!

There's a sink hole near Tulum with a section that's easy for the kids to get to. We all took a dip there for an hour or so.

Tulum definitely had us talking about coming back just the two of us before the baby comes! Maybe...? We'll see how it all plays out.

A day before we headed back we took the boys to the interactive aquarium. They got to pet a stingray and swim with the dolphins. :-)

They had seen photos from the trip Brandon and I took to Puerto Vallarta a couple years ago where we swam with dolphins. They had been asking to do it too so this was a pretty special surprise for them.

I love how slow the days went when we were there! It's like time slowed down and we were able to take in every little moment.

I hope this year you can find time to get away and reset. This was ours, but we ALL need it so badly!

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