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Baby Jaden’s Birth Story

It all started at 8:30am on Wednesday morning at my routine midwife appointment. Jaden had been unusually quiet the night before and that morning as I got ready. I mentioned it to the midwife but told her that now he was moving normally.

She wanted to do a stress test to make sure he was ok so I stayed for about 20 mins while they monitored him. Overall things were fine but they noticed I was having contractions and afterwards there were some dips in his heart rate. They sent me to the hospital to be monitored and thankfully, his heart rate was normal!

Since I was just 3 days from my due date they asked if I wanted to go ahead and induce early since I was already at the hospital. I said yes please and we started the induction around 5pm.

It took 3 rounds of Cytotec from 5pm until 4am to get things moving. By 6am I was really feeling the contractions and by 8am I was in “active labor” and 6cm dilated so we went ahead with the epidural so I could enjoy the birth.

At around 10:30am I was dilated 10cm and ready to go! They broke my water and let my contractions push him down for another 30 minutes. When the midwife came back I was soooo ready to push! Just 3 minutes of pushing (and laughing) and Jaden was born! Lol!!

I say laughing because someone said something funny and Brandon and I laughed between my pushing. The midwife was watching Jaden come as I laughed and said, “we’re going to put down that she laughed her baby out!” Then we really started laughing at that and she said, “yup! She’s laughing him out!” 🤣

Our sweet Jaden Cole Christensen arrived at 11:16am on Thursday July 8, 2021 weighing 8lbs and measuring 20.5” 💕 He’s my biggest boy! Kasen & Bryce were both 7-something at 41 weeks so I was surprised to know I had an 8lb baby at 39 weeks, 5 days! So glad we didn’t wait for him to come on his own!

We stayed at the hospital one more night, just long enough for him to have his 24 hour check and were headed home Friday to go meet his brothers!!


Kasen and Bryce met and held their tiny day-old brother on July 9th. As soon as they saw him Bryce said, “I thought he was going to be bigger!” They‘re amazed at how tiny he is but I keep reminding them, ”you were this small one day too!!”



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