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An Imposters Birthday!

March 27 we celebrated Kasen's 7th birthday "Among Us" style!! ;-)

He has always picked birthday themes that are difficult to shop for, and I'm usually up for the challenge! Last year was probably the easiest he's had so far with is being lego themed. :-) Easy peasy! This time though, when he said "Among Us" I said, "what's that?" lol!

After they both explained the game to me I did a little research and found it online. We planned far enough ahead and were able to order most of the decor on Amazon. The cake was a challenge though, we had Buttercream Bakery make the cake and then Berries & Cream Bakery made the fondant characters. He was on cloud nine!

I made cupcakes and decorated them with some of the Amazon goodies we found. This year the flavor was lemon - I didn't ask why, he just said lemon so that's what we did!

Our friends over at NorthStar Event Rentals set us up with an awesome bouncy house!! The weather had been SO bad that morning and we weren't sure if they were going to be able to bring it. Thanks to LOTS of prayer and faith - the rain stopped for the afternoon so they could have the bouncy house. That was the highlight for sure! :-)

Now Bryce is planning his July party based on this one so mommy and daddy have to get to saving up all over again! lol!! It's a good thing there's a 4 month gap between their birthdays!



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