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Christmas 2019

This Christmas has been so magical I couldn't possibly capture it all in photos or video.

Christmas Eve started off by opening their stockings first thing in the morning! I love doing that because then they have all day to appreciate their smaller gifts before getting into the big ones.

They played all day, baked cookies for Santa, put out carrots for his reindeer and then dressed in their pajamas to go to our midnight Christmas Eve Service at The Church at Lockeland Springs.

They did so good during rehearsal and even during the service they were awake for about half of it. At around 11:30pm they were both laid out on the front pew asleep. :-) Uncle Mark and Superman carried them out to the car and when we got home there wasn't any energy left to even ask is Santa had come yet! lol!

Christmas morning Kasen was up first, bright and early as usual! He came to wake us up, tried to wake up Bryce and then was off to the living room to see that Santa came! Finally Bryce woke up and stumbled to the living room after Kasen and the party began.

It took from about 2 1/2 hours for them to open everything because they kept stopping and playing! They have waaay more patience than I did when I was a kid! lol!

Their big obsession this year was anything Mario & Luigi. That's what they were for Halloween (see this post) and that's what they told Santa they wanted for sure. My brother is responsible for this lol! We house-sat for him this past summer while he toured the Western U.S. and while we were there the boys became obsessed with his old Mario game. Same style we played when we were kids so I have to admit, Superman and I were into it too! :-P

One of their favorite gifts was the Mario racetrack. They're so competitive with each other so this is hilarious to watch. Uncle Mark came over later and gave them bumper cars so that was even more competitive fun to watch!

A robot was on their list for Santa this year so they each unwrapped "Boxer" - a personality filled little robot that works with or without a remote. It's been hilarious to see it "interact" with them. It's just smart enough to have fun, follow, dance and play soccer with them but doesn't cross the line of being creepy or knowing too much! lol!

I'm really weirded out by artificial intelligence. "Alexa" gives me the creepy crawlies and I won't let it in our house so this little guy is perfect for an old fashioned mom like me! lol!

Taking you back a little to last week here.. Kasen had his Kindergarten Christmas recital last Friday and did so good! Thought I'd share a couple photos.

Bryce had his the previous week and I accidentally left my camera in the car :-( But he did great too! We have him on video announcing the next song to me loud and clear when they were in between songs lol!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!

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