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Gettin’ Cozy

It's that time of the year! We're all SOOO excited for Christmas to come and are counting down the days! :-) We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family coming in from Kentucky and the day after Thanksgiving went on our annual tree hunt to find the perfect real tree.

We used to go on a trip to a cool tree farm to cut our own tree and come home with an oddly shaped resemblance of a christmas tree. Nowadays Lowes & Home Depot are the extent of our tree hunting expedition lol! Faster search, better looking tree.

That weekend I had a ton of sewing work I was finishing for a client and Superman was getting stir crazy with the long holiday weekend. He took the boys to the store and next thing I knew we were all around the dining room table making a fun gingerbread mess!

In other news I started collecting mugs for our "Carols & Cocoa" party that just happened this past week. What started out as a hunt easily started becoming an addiction! lol! Soooo if you see a cute christmas mug clearance.... yeahhhhh..... I'm always interested ;-P

Our little party was fun with a small group of friends and neighbors. I don't host many parties so I didn't realize how important it is to have people RSVP.

I invited way more people than we can comfortably fit in our home, then I got nervous because SOO many people said they were coming!! :-O But I shouldn't have stressed because when 7pm rolled around only a fraction of those actually came.

Next time I'll definitely do RSVP's though because so we had TONS of leftovers and a lot of people that I would've invited had I known there would be room in the inn! lol! It was a fun time singing carols, sipping cocoa and eating way too much sugar.

The boys had been begging to eat their gingerbread house but I made them save it for the party. The day after the party this beauty was completely devoured down to the last gumdrop!

I really need to put away all the leftover candies, cookies and build their little immune systems back up! :-/ It's all fun and games until somebody gets sick.

Thanks for reading!

Next post will be about the front door project I finished last week. :-) whew that was a beast of a project!



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