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Fall Break 2019

This year was our first official "Fall Break"! Even though our work schedules are flexible now that Superman and I both work from home, we wanted to plan our last vacation of the year around Kasen's Fall Break. Thankfully our school district is a week later than most everyone else so the crowds and traffic weren't bad at all!!

We drove down to a resort near Panama City Beach and stayed right on the beach. It was so nice to not have to drive ANYWHERE! :-D We just showed up, made ourselves comfortable in our room and spent the entire time on the beach and in the pools. SO relaxing

I'm a sun bather, not a swimmer! lol! It's funny because I beg to get on the beach and then just lay out the entire time, going in the water to cool off here and there but right here is my happy place. The boys are water bugs so we just put their little floats on so we don't have to worry and off they go!

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