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From a Boring Hallway to a Gallery

As you know we've been renovating our 70's fixer upper one room at a time! Lately it's been just piece by piece as we have a spare few hours here and there. We alternate between working on the exterior and interior depending on the weather and supplies we have at the moment.

When we first purchased this home, the walls were everything from yellow and green to red, blue and I believe there were some pinks somewhere too! lol! :-) One thing you'll notice about me if you spend any amount of time looking at our updates is that I love neutrals. While I have so much respect for 70's fashion and music, 70's home decor turns my stomach just a little!

The walls immediately got painted over with neutrals with the exception of the boys room where we did a navy blue accent wall (BTW they've been asking to change it to pink instead... hoping to get them to settle on a nice sage color). But we never touched the hallway! It stayed yellow with the brown trim because, well, I just didn't know what I wanted to do with the hallway! I didn't hang any art, nothing, just let it sit there and bug me for two years. lol!

Finally I was browsing Instagram and saw some wainscoting in the background of someone's photo. The wheels started turning, Pinterest searches began and before I knew it I had designed our hallway plans... just had to convince Superman that it would look good.

It's kind of one of those ideas that either ruins your entire wall, or becomes the centerpiece and steals your attention! He was hesitant but I convinced him that it couldn't look any worse than it already did, so we took the weekend and went to work. :-)

I had a beautiful canvas print from Canvas HQ in our master bathroom, so I contacted them about designing the gallery wall for us. They did it ALL! I just sent in measurements of the wall area I wanted to cover and they designed an entire gallery complete with measurements of the photos, spaces between, etc.

When the box of canvases came in the mail, I thought I was going to be overwhelmed with measuring and nailing holes in the wall. But each canvas comes with a hanger that you just push into the drywall! It's SO simple and doesn't leave big holes so you can move them around as needed.

The kids were so excited to see our memories plastered down the hallway. The next day when their friend came over it was the first thing they wanted to show - "look! that's us at the pumpkin patch!"

If you haven't already, check out the video in this post to see the full project from start to finish! I've put measurement and paint details in the video.

Canvas HQ is family owned business and they're running a special on all their canvases! With coupon code: HONEY you'll get 30% off plus FREE SHIPPING! And you should know that also includes free design help. If you hate math as much as I do, you'll be excited about that! ;-)

Thanks so much for reading!



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