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Daily Affirmations

From time to time I get messages from ladies asking what my secret is! Of course I always think, "my secret to what?! I don't have a secret sauce! lol!" But each time I receive another message I realize there may be others that have questions about my life, choices, maybe our happiness, family, balance, etc. but aren't asking.

I'll start by saying, there's no secret - which is why I'm putting this out on my blog! :-D I wish I could say, I read my bible everyday and start each morning by praying with my kids. Yes, I try to do this 100% but I'm not naturally a person of routine. I struggle to keep a good routine and do things consistently in life and work. Thankfully, Superman is SUCH a creature of habit that it's really helped me to remember to do things more consistently.

He's much better at reading the Word everyday and praying with me each morning. I LOVE journaling, so I usually try to get that in each morning and go over my "daily affirmations", which I wrote for myself years ago and have shared with you here in this post.

I think it's so important for everyone to write their own personalized daily affirmations and read them OUT LOUD each day. Saying them out loud is so good, although it's easier to just read them quietly, that just doesn't have the same impact.

Superman and I wrote daily affirmations for the kids to say to themselves each morning. I don't know if you've ever seen the video of that little girl standing in front of the mirror telling herself she's incredible... if not, go watch it HERE - this is basically the gist of what I have the boys do :-) It pumps them up and gets them ready to face a new day with excitement, joy and gratitude!

Don't really have anything else to share except that keeping God at the forefront of everything really helps put "success" into perspective. When I remember what's truly important, my happiness or self worth isn't defined by my performance. Things that I used to give priority can still get done, but definitely take a backseat to the things/ones that matter.

Anyhoo... that's all for now! If you have more specific questions please don't hesitate to ask! Love y'all and thanks for reading!



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