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Our Fourth Getaway

We can't sit still for long without planning some kind of a trip. Even when we insist on relaxing and staying home, being like "normal" people - we still end up picking up and doing some last minute adventure or traveling somewhere spur of the moment.

This time we knew we had a long weekend planned for fourth of July but just couldn't decide on where to go! We booked everything for Florida and then about a week before leaving changed our mind lol! "Naahhh.. let's go to Delaware and visit family instead." :-)

The boys are just getting old enough to remember that Grandad Christensen has a big farmhouse with an in ground pool and plenty of aunts and uncles to keep them occupied so they were in heaven at grandad's house!

We planned several adventures over the weekend including a beach trip, evening of fireworks, visit to friends, church, etc. but it seems every time we went out the boys were asking when we could get back to grandad's!! Water babies!!

The beach we went to was Cape Henlopen. It was so relaxing and fun but it made me realize how spoiled I am having been to some of the best beaches in the world!

Thankfully, to the kids a beach is a beach! :-D They loved it!

Superman and I got to double date with his brother and sister in law! This was my first kayaking adventure and BOY did we get a workout!! We rowed and rowed till our arms were limp!! lol!! SOO much fun!!

Thanks for reading!


Deanna L

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