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Vacation Prep Part 2

We are down to the final moments before take off and that means suitcases are out, packed and the final things are being added as we remember them! On instagram stories a couple weeks ago y'all asked for packing details, so here they are. I have to tell you, I'm super basic! ;-)

Packing Details:

This trip we're only taking 1 checked bag and 4 carry-on bags. I totally have been using the Marie Kondo folding method for years when packing suitcases but didn't even know it! Now after watching her show this year we started using her method for all of our drawers too. When you're fitting a 12 day wardrobe into one carry-on there's really no other way to pack!

Even if you're not squeezing all your clothes into your carry-on like I am, I would suggest packing at least 1 or 2 outfits just in case your checked luggage gets lost!! I've heard WAY too many stories of luggage getting lost and I'm just too attached to what I decided to wear! :-P Definitely don't want that stress while on vacation.

Our luggage set is the Anne Klein Unisex Manchester 3 piece set. We didn't get the middle size, we opted for 2 of the carry-on sizes instead. I love this set because it's unique and easy to spot in a sea of luggage but also not too girly girl! Of course, I would totally go for some pretty pink luggage but with a family of boys I wanted something that they'll be comfortable carrying too. Speaking of the boys, lets talk about what they'll be doing on the plane!

Travel Activities for Kids:

When deciding what to bring for them, I really just thought about how I entertain them inside on a rainy day. Here's a list of all the things in their bag with a link to each item:

This trip will include travel by plane, rental car, ferry, ship and taxi!! So I'll be sure to do a follow up post letting you know how we made it with two toddlers!! :-) This is a big reason why I asked my mom and sister to join us this time - we'll need all the help we can get!

As far as activities and excursions during our trip, we have done A LOT of planning which is so important to do before leaving! I don't want to give away all the excitement just yet, so I'm not going to go into details but I will say that we ended up spacing out our activities during the cruise so that we're not running to an excursion on each island.

We knew there were certain things we DID want to do, which helped us choose which islands we could just spend on the beach or exploring. As weird as this sounds, sometimes planning to do nothing is just as important as planning something!

Well, that's it for now y'all!!! I'm going to wrap it up on here, zip up these suitcases and get some sleep! Go follow me on instagram and watch my stories for daily updates.

Thanks for reading!!



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