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Making A Caribbean Vacation Dress

I'm beginning a journey of making a dress for each vacation I take throughout the year! So this is dress #1 of a brand new series! :-D

Hopefully you can ignore the major dust bunnies on my office floor (thanks to my cute moroccan rug that sheds like crazy) and focus your attention on this DRESS!! I got the pattern idea from a two piece dress I found online but the crop top alone was $363 retail!! Who knows how much the skirt was :-o so that's when I decided I would make it instead - and since yellow is my color this year (thanks Bethany for influencing me :-P) I went with a yellow/white polka dot fabric.

I just happened to have a break between sewing jobs which helped me finish it in just a couple afternoons. The ruffles were so much easier than I expected and I only had one zipper (back of the crop top) instead of two since the skirt is a wrap skirt. If you're thinking of a beginner sewing project that you want to wear, try a wrap skirt!! I was shocked at how simple it was!

If you'd like to see some video of the process, head over to my instagram IGTV by clicking HERE! I've posted a 1 minute video where you can see the dress start to finish. ;-)

Thanks for reading!


Deanna L

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