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Mother’s Day Out Preschool

These fellas have been loving their first year of Mother’s Day Out Preschool at Greenbrier First Baptist!!! When we first started I mainly just wanted someone to reinforce what they were learning at home about their letters and numbers. But it has been so much more than that!! 

Their first week Kasen came home excitedly telling me that a big fish put Jonah in its belly and then went “BLAHHH!!!!” on the beach!! When I said “oh yes! The whale ate Jonah!” he said “NO!! The whale was helping Jonah get to the beach!!” Lol!!!! 

They’ve picked up so much more than I imagined! From learning to use their manners to writing their name, learning bible stories, songs and even the pledge of allegiance.

It’s been so good for Bryce to be in a seperate class from Kasen. At first he had a little seperation anxiety but his teacher was great with helping him get comfortable in his own skin and now he loves his class.

His face beams everytime we go through his folder and look at his work and his funny, mischievous personality has definitely blossomed! :-)

So blessed by these two smart, handsome little men in my life!!! 


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