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Taking a Breather

I love long weekends :-) It usually gives us an excuse to plan a getaway and we were SO ready for one this past Labor Day weekend!! First we hit Panama City beach to visit family, then we were off to Brooksville, Florida to visit Pop and Darlin' and spend some time in Dudedin, FL on Honeymoon Island.

I’d like to think I’m not a picky vacationer, just give me a semi-private beach and some tanning lotion, I’m all set. But then again, I'm spoiled by Florida's sugar sand and crystal clear waters!

Watching the boys play for hours on the beach makes me want to buy a vacation home. lol! I laugh but I'm actually half serious. We talk about it almost every time we go to Florida so who knows! Maybe somewhere in our future is a beach house?

Just a little piece of heaven on earth ;-)



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