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Bedding Collection!!

It's finally here!! My very first Lace Garden Interiors bedding collection!!

The idea of curating a collection of home interiors has been on my mind for quite a while. Over the years I've done a lot of custom interior work, so hundreds of designs run through my office and go into people's homes. It's been a good way to discover my own home style, likes and dislikes! :-)

I love fabrics and textures that combine elegance with rustic charm. As a teenager, My family lived on a 67-acre farm in Kentucky so I thought it would be fitting for my very first bedding design to pay tribute to the simple beauty of country life.

The burlap sack euro shams are about as simple as it could possibly get! Paired with ruffled shams and the ruched pillows designed to mimic a pair of suspenders, it all comes together in a simple yet sophisticated way. I'll be adding a ticking stripe duvet cover to this set down the road (similar to the blanket you see folded at the bottom of the bed).

I'm already slaving away on my next design!! The Homespun collection is a very warm palette of neutrals so stay tuned if you're interested in seeing a cooler palette. My next design is going to be a little less tan/beige and more of a greige. lol! In my world that's definitely a word! ;-) Hope you love these designs as much as I have loved making them!



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