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Our Local Flower Farmers

A couple weeks ago I went on a little adventure, touring three of our local Nashville flower farms! It was amazing to see where these beautiful arrangements come from and meet the growers. I have so much more respect for the locally grown bouquets after seeing all the work that goes into bringing each flower to the vase!

Green Door Gourmet is in West Nashville is a great place to take the family! Sylvia's farm started out pretty small but has grown exponentially and is now a 350-acre organic farm growing everything from produce to flower arrangements and has even become a popular venue for weddings and events.

You can sign up for their Flower Share subscription by clicking HERE and receive a fresh bouquet the size of the one in this photo each week for 8 weeks!

They have chickens and rabbits for the children to enjoy, a market stocked with local products and you can schedule field trips, photoshoots and tours through their website.

Each Wednesday evening they host a yoga class and always have plenty of fun events going on so be sure to check out their calendar and follow them on instagram to see when their next event is!

Humble Flowers is a beautiful farm that's women-owned and operated. They provide field to vase service for weddings and events and sell to local shops including A Village of Flowers and FLWR Shop in Nashville!

You've probably already enjoyed a lot of their flowers without realizing it on the tables of our local Nashville restaurants! If you own a business or restaurant and are looking for some fresh blooms on a regular basis, you can contact Humble Flowers HERE

It was such a treat to get to know the ladies that work these fields! I won't be complaining about a $3 stem anymore, that's for sure!! These women work so hard it's worth every penny of that $3! You can follow them on instagram HERE

Restoration Rose is a gorgeous 12.8 acre organic farm and let's just say it's a little piece of heaven! Rows and Rows of breathtaking blooms!!

Susan took us in her truck across two creeks to get there so if you're looking for a true farm experience this is the place to be! :-)

In addition to her flowers, she let us try some fresh mint and lemon basil - YUM!!

Susan provides flowers for all occasions from small dinner parties to large weddings and events. You can follow her on instagram HERE and click HERE to read more about Restoration Rose!

Thanks for coming along with me on my little adventure!! Be sure to support our local farmers and brighten your day by snagging a bouquet this week! ;-)


Deanna L

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