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Bags Made by the Wayuu Women of Colombia

I LOVE traveling and learning about different cultures so when fashion intersects with a unique cultural experience, you better believe I'm in!! :-)

The purse that I've been using for the past month is from Colorful 4U, a family business based in Texas that creates jobs for the local artisans of Colombia and Thailand, marketing their handmade accessories in America.

The Wayuu matriarchal communities live in La Guajira Peninsula, Northern Colombia, a desert of breathtaking landscapes facing the Caribbean Sea. They face a lot of difficult environmental challenges as well as other needs.

It takes about 15-20 days to make one single bag using the crochet technique that has been passed down through the family.

Each Wayuu Crochet Bag sold through Colorful 4U empowers and enables these artisan women to support their families and communities and helps to preserve their tradition.

Each bag is one of a kind so you can rest assured that you'll be the ONLY person with that bag! I'm such a rebel when it comes to buying the fad items that EVERYONE has, so one of a kind makes me smile! ;-) If you like my bag though and want one similar - you can send her a message HERE and ask the ladies to make yours similar! No two are exactly the same but you can request certain colors. :-) I love neutrals so I requested a beige/white bag.

For everyone who was asking about my jumpsuit on instagram - HERE'S THE LINK!

They have it available for preorder for a limited time so hurry over and order yours before they're sold out again!! :-) They sold out SO fast the first time!

Also my shoes are from Rebel With Cause and my jewelry was made by Daisy Alexandria

Thanks for reading!!


Deanna L

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