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The Perfect Father's Day Gift: A Wooden Watch

I don't know about you but when it comes to finding a gift for Superman, I get a little caught in routine. It's so much harder to shop for men than it is for women! When I found these unique wooden watches, I was sold. :-)

Not only do I love the unique wooden design but the fact that they have custom engraving made it that much more special. I was able to put my own little love note to him on the back of his watch - which was such a romantic surprise for him.

This is one of those gifts that become a family heirloom - definitely not your typical men's watch! He generally wears it for church, date nights and special occasions and keeps it in the box it came in (which is also engraved with the message I put on the back of his watch!) I can already see it being passed down through the family over generations.

If you're looking for that special gift for someone who is hard to buy for or has everything they need, this is something that's practical (men love that) while also being something they will cherish for years to come.

GOOD NEWS: I've teamed up with JORD watches to giveaway a $100 gift card to one lucky winner!! Even better, everyone who enters wins 10% off!

My giveaway runs until June 10, 2018 at 11:59pm and you will receive your discount codes as soon as the giveaway ends!! Hopefully you'll be the winner and get that $100!!!

Below I have some direct links to this watch as well as other styles and engraving.

Thanks for reading!!


Deanna L

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