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Celebrating 29 on the Beach (Part 2)

Day 3 was magical!! We headed straight to Posies Flower Truck in St Petersburg and put together the most gorgeous bouquet!

We have a similar flower truck in Nashville called Amelia's Flower Truck so I was pretty excited to find one near Tampa!! 

Posies was parked at an adorable little boutique, so we explored a little before heading back to the beach.

At that point we were starving and I'm not even going to hide it, I shamelessly ordered a cheeseburger and French fries from the walk up lunch stand on St. Pete Beach. :-) Not my typical order but I was too hungry to care!

We sat on the beach and Bethany helped me make a flower crown. She filmed a DIY tutorial too - which I will be sharing with you soon!! I was planning to put it in this post but she is a student at Belmont and has been busy prepping for finals since we got back so finding time to edit has been a challenge. But we will have it up SOON!

What I can tell you is it's MUCH easier than I expected! All we had was wire, floral tape, flowers and a thick wire for the circle.

I didn't even have scissors or wire cutters with me on the beach! (I forgot to get them) so I broke off the stems and bent the wire to break it as needed. Where there's a will, there's a way! 

It was so much fun! We enjoyed a couple hours on the beach snapping photos and just enjoying the sunshine.

Afterwards we went to The Don Cesar Hote l to explore and get some ice cream!

Bethany knows by now that if it's pink I'm  probably going to be head over heels! :-)

And what is a vacation without ice cream?! ;-) Our last day was spent having breakfast with our sweet friends, visiting a local church (an incredible experience all it's own) and packing. We put the camera away for the day and just relaxed at the house finishing our trip with a yummy BBQ dinner before going to the airport.

It was the perfect weekend getaway and to be honest, that last day Bethany and I both were missing our sweeties so much and ready to get back home!! :-D

Tomorrow we leave for our family vacation so more photos and updates coming soon!

This is our first big family trip, taking the boys out of the country! So praying it's a wonderful experience all around.

Love you all! Thanks for reading!



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