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Meet Pearl!!

Well, here she is! Our new member of the family :-) You may have already seen her on my Instagram. Clearly, we're in love! 

Pearl is about 8 months old and she's adjusting to our family life very well. She has such a good disposition and is very good with kids!

That was the MOST important thing to me when we started thinking about a dog. I can't handle biting and aggressive behavior in animals. Pearl is almost too sweet! She lets the boys pull her tail, squeeze her and lay on her without even complaining.

The Samoyed breed is known for their lack of aggression and they're also hypoallergenic which is nice because I have some friends who are allergic to dogs. Clearly she's a fluff ball and who doesn't love snuggling with a ball of fluff and watching a movie? Exactly! So she's a "mommy's girl" too. :-P 

Thanks for reading!


Deanna L

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