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A Fall Tablescape without Pumpkins

Hey there! We are Casey and Savannah from Hey Wanderer, and we are so excited to be sharing our last brunch with y'all! Deanna is one of our friends from church, so we are happy to be able to be a guest blogger here today.

We recently had some church ladies over to brunch and get to know each other a little more, so we of course wanted to have a Fall theme. We love pumpkins for decor, and we did it last year. Our coffee table even has some right now, BUT this year we wanted to try to not use them in a fall tablescape. There are so many great fall things that get lost while the pumpkin remains the poster child for Fall. I know, I know, not using pumpkins is almost like not using Christmas trees for Christmas, but what can I say- I just wanted to do something different this year. For this tablescape, we went with Fall colors, flowers and textures to give the same cozy feeling. Think golds, coppers, flannel, leaves, rusts, etc.

One great thing about this tablescape is that we were able to use a lot of things that we used at our last party. Even though the theme then was boho, we were able to reuse the neutral colored candles and jars and napkins.

At our last party we went for a very large floral arrangement in the middle of the table. This was okay then because the table was only holding the food and we weren't going to be sitting at it. This time we went for 4 small floral arrangements so we could all sit at the table and be able to see each other over the arrangements. There is nothing worse than sitting down to a meal and not being able to see the face of the person you are talking to.

*Pro Tip- Don't be afraid to use utensils and glasses as part of your table decor. Without the flatware and champagne glasses, this table seemed a little bare. We also decided to put dessert (the macarons) and the mimosa ingredients on the table. This gave the table a more relaxed an inclusive feel. It's always a good idea to give your party a family-style element. It would be a disaster to put everything on the table and pass around every dish to a group of 14 people, but when you put a drink or dessert on the table, it creates just the right amount of forced interaction. Always keep the guests interacting! 

We used our wood slices again for displaying centerpieces. The next time we have a smaller dinner party, we will probably use them as chargers.

The goal with the flowers is to keep it really neutral and use one color. We chose a rust color, but you may have to base that on what you can find. Since I made this flannel table runner, rust is the only color that would've worked, so glad we found some! Our next option would've been to use no color, but glad it worked out because rust is as fall of a color as it gets. We also had some tiny white roses and tons of eucalyptus. Simple, yet beautiful.

Champagne glasses were on the table, and we kept water glasses with the water dispenser by the food. This was a potluck so it was a serve yourself kind of thing. *Pro Tips* - When you are dining outside, always keep glasses upside down to prevent dirt and bugs from enjoying your glass before you do. - Go ahead and break down and buy real champagne glasses. You can buy them for $1 each (we got ours from Old Time Pottery) We bought 24 and use them a lot! The throw away plastic ones can cost more than the real ones. 

Still mastering the art of the macaron... I've had some turn out really great and some really bad, but they've all been delicious!

These feather napkins are a favorite of mine now because they are pretty versatile. They can be interpreted as a feather OR a leaf, which is what I'm going with for this tablescape. The patterned taupe napkins  are neutral, so they could go with practically anything! 

And if you're wondering where the table runner came from, it was a DIY piece and I wrote a post about it here. It would be great it any flannel color! Okay, one more thing, this bucket is something I got in the paint section at Home Depot. Turns out it was a really great $3 to spend. Keeping wine or champagne cool right on the table is a fabulous thing to do. We also used it and a couple others to serve different kinds of canned drinks at the bar at our  last party

See our Thanksgiving Tablescape from last year here and our last party tablescape here

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