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The Farmers Table - Douglasville, GA

This past weekend we drove down to the Atlanta area and I sang at a car show in Douglasville, GA! 

We arrived on Friday night and had dinner at the mall next to our hotel but on Saturday after my performance we got to explore Douglasville a little and I found my happy spot! :-) 

The Farmers Table supports local farmers by selling local produce when it's in season and handmade products, jams, etc. Everything is SO fresh!!! Fresh bread, fresh salads (our lunch on the way home) and omg if you've never had Peach Cider, it's a must try when you're in Georgia! :-)

Of course we couldn't pass up the homemade chocolates either.. you're not human if you can avoid homemade chocolate. Even found a couple coffee cups to add to our collection! ;-)

You can read more about them here: The Farmers Table 

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