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The Simple Life

No matter how advanced technology gets or how sophisticated our lifestyles become I think deep down we all long for simplicity.

When I first moved to Nashville I lived right on music row! I was so excited to be in the city, in the middle of all the action, lights and busyness. 

Here I am 10 years later buying our first home and the top things on my home buying list was clean, fresh air, a yard with trees and a quiet, safe street... :-)

A cabin in the mountains or a beach house may not be on your list but maybe you just want your family to get along or just want to be healthy again. Whatever it is, those simple things in life make everything else seem like noise in comparison. I'm learning how fleeting these moments are and know now that all the "things" worth having aren't really things.

One of those simple things for me is prayer. It's something I don't do often enough but with all that's happening in the world I feel like it's my only strength. Finding those moments of peace in the midst of the storm to just call out to God.

Dress: Vici Collection   |  Shoes: Rebel With Cause

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