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Keepsake Jewelry

I'm not an everyday jewelry kinda girl. I don't wake up and HAVE to have my earrings in but I definitely enjoy jewelry here and there.

What I've been loving recently is simplicity. Pieces that can go with multiple outfits or even just at home in a t-shirt. I found Bip & Bop on Instagram and discovered that they personalize these simply beautiful pieces!!

I love the white marble because, well, I've been using it here and there in my home decor and love it. The gold bar necklace has "Kasen & Bryce" inscribed on it, which I absolutely adore because it's just the way Kasen says it when they look at photos "that's Kasen (then he pauses) & Bryce!!" ;-) it's one of those keepsakes I'll cherish forever!!

It's also the perfect gift that you don't have to think too much about!! (As long as you spell their names right!! :-P)

Necklaces from: Bip & Bop 

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