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Date Nights & Ruffles

I was looking for the perfect date night dress. I've tried to keep my tradition from when we were dating where I would go get a new "date dress" every so often to surprise him in. This one grabbed me with the color and then once I saw the ruffles that was it!

I paired it with one of my favorite Rebel suede booties. You get 10% off if you use my code: DLOVELAND at checkout! ;-)

Now that we have two children it can be difficult to make time for REAL dates. I say real because we get family dates a lot or nights at home when the kids maybe go to bed early.. but the "go out and have dinner alone together" dates are harder to come by! :-D

So when we do get a chance to have a real date, I like to have a couple dresses like this one tucked away in my closet just for him! ;-) I like him to see me in something fresh and new so it keeps him guessing! Lol!!! 

(Of course if your hubby is like mine, the first thing he guesses is how much it cost! Lol!! But this one was under $40 so you're safe)

Dress: ASOS   |  Boots: Rebel With Cause

Photo Credit: Bethany Long

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