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CMA Fest Recap

My absolute favorite thing about our city is that music is our heartbeat! We do a lot of things well but no where else in the world can you find a music community like ours!!  

When I first moved to Nashville CMA Fest meant money!! I was a broke musician and singer/songwriter so thousands of fans coming to music city for a week meant I could get a gig doing something to bring in some cash for rent! :-D

Then after about 4-5 years it turned into the one week all year that I wanted to get OUT of town!! Lol!!! I would plan a vacation or out of town gig that week just to avoid all the crowds and traffic!! Lol!!

After almost 10 years now my perspective on life, love and this town has totally changed. Not gonna lie, I still avoid the traffic and crowds but I love to be in a town where people fly in by the droves just to have a taste of what we get to experience everyday. 

The live music, the best of the best, the songwriters, the rhythm, the melodies, the originality, the flavor - I'll never take it for granted.

CMA Fest was crazier than ever this year - probably had a little something to do with the fact that our Preds team was in the Stanley Cup finals and had a home game that weekend! But yeahhhh!!! It was crrrraaazzzyyyyy!!!

A little about what I wore... I'm a Brand Ambassador with Rebel With Cause and they sent these boots JUST in time for the CMA's!!!! I was SO excited to wear them :-) LOVE PINK!!!!!

I was also sponsored by Ideal of Sweden  and they sent this adorable iPhone cover to go with all my festival vibes! :-D (Use code: SUMMER30 for 30% off any iPhone covers)

These Rebel booties were also a favorite at the festival.. they're from the summer line and I love them! They're suede so they're so soft and comfortable with a little peekaboo that gives a nice cool comfort.

Festivals are easy because comfort and staying cool comes first!! I like to keep it simple with short and a t-shirt or something and then have a statement shoe or accessory. These boots were the perfect "pop" for my simple outfit!

Photo Credit: Bethany Long  |  Boots: Rebel With Cause  |  Grey Crop Top: Forever 21  |  White Tank: Target  |  IPhone Cover: IDeal of Sweden

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