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Being Best Buds

These two!!! :-D They make my heart skip a beat. We've been learning a lot the past few weeks about sharing, asking forgiveness, forgiving and loving each other despite our shortcomings. I say "we" because whenever they're learning something, I'm re-learning it too! Maybe in a different application but you get the idea.

Kasen turned three March 27th and he's talking much clearer, putting together incredible sentences (that truly take me by surprise sometimes) and coming out of the blue with statements like "I love you". He also recently warned daddy when he came home from work that "mommy looks scary"! Lol!!!!! The ONE day I decide not to do my makeup! :-P 

He loves getting up early, having structure and is becoming such a big helper - definitely takes after daddy. We still have our tantrums every now and then but it's generally only when he's SUPER tired. He's the best big brother, constantly making sure Bryce is doing what Bryce should be doing! 

Bryce will be turning TWO on the 31st of this month and I think he knows it! This month he's stepped up his game with a mouthful of new words and has decided to help help help!! He's the laid back cuddle bug, nap lover and is not generally a morning person!

Hugs make his world go around and he's very sensitive to emotions and non-verbal communication, much like me. He feels EVERYTHING so music makes him either stare off in a daze as he takes it all in or break into dance!! 

Being best buds isn't always hugs and kisses. There are a lot of fights, toys thrown every now and again and moments when that sin nature we all have shows itself all too clearly but they're learning, much like we all are, to step away, take a deep breath and always come back with hugs, kisses and "I'm sorry" and try again.

So blessed and grateful to be their mommy and help guide them in this beautiful journey of life, helping them develop godly character and unwavering faith.

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