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FAV Spring/Summer Shoe

Here it is! And I wouldn't say that unless I TOTALLY meant it! When I first got them it took a minute to break them in (just like any brand new genuine leather shoe) but now that they're broke in I wear them with everything.

Most days I'm in a romper or overalls but on Sundays or on a date night when I wear a breezy dress, these are still my go-to bootie! They match EVERYTHING!!

Speaking of rompers, I snagged this one at Earthbound for our Mexican vacation and I'm slightly jealous because it's on sale for $22 and I paid full price!! :-O But I did get these earrings on sale at Target so I can't complain too bad! :-P

Anyway!! Just thought I'd tell you in case you hadn't found a great transitional boot for summer yet! ;-) I'm sure I'll be wearing these into the Fall season too so definitely one of those numbers that are worth the investment! You can tell that to your hubby when he sees the box arrive in the mail! :-P AND you can tell him you got a 10% discount - because when you type in my code: DLOVELAND at the checkout, 10% goes right back in your pocketbook! ;-)

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